An iOS weather station with integrated remote monitoring system

About Homations

Behind this weather and clock station, hides a surveillance system that can warn you when motion is detected.
The application shows you a clock and weather information of your city.
It is compatible with Netatmo stations so allows you to display the information of your own weather station.

In addition to this display, you can enable the ability to remotely control the application to take pictures or videos. You can then start taking a photo, a series of photo or video from your iPhone. In addition, the monitoring mode automatically trigger alerts if motion detection. You are alerted by a notification on your other devices connected to the same iCloud account. In case of alarm you can ask your camera to take a series of photos. This mode allows you to go quietly on vacation or on the road; the application is responsible to warn you in case of potential problems at home.

You can use the front or rear camera to detect motions or take photos or videos.

All photos and videos are stored in your iCloud account. So you can see photos and video from any device or from your computer.

As the application must operate continuously, it is necessary that your device is connected to an USB port permanently in order not to drain the battery within hours.

You can control the application remotely from a Wifi or 3G / 4G network. The machine running Homation must have Internet access either through WiFi network or through the 3G / 4G. So no specific configuration has to be done on your network.

You can install the app on as many devices as you like and manage them from your iPhone. They just have to be all linked to the same iCloud account.

Consultation of photos and videos is possible from the Apple iCloud application or any other application allowing you to view the iCloud data. From your computer, simply go to the Apple iCloud website to view them.

Reuse your old devices, Homations works on iPHone and iPod touch!

Download Homations

You can download Homations for free from the appStore.


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